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If you want to:


  • Lose belly fat
  • Sweat more in the stomach area
  • Keep your core engaged 
  • Have better support while working out
  • Improve posture 
  • Release back pain
  • Prevent injury when lifting heavy


Then, I promise you will love our Waist Trainer Belt!  


Wear it to the gym, on a walk, jog, any fitness activity, or even around the house!  Your Waist Trainer Belt will be dripping in sweat once you're done!  We recommend to always use it during your workouts (especially with squats and deadlifts) to avoid risk of injury.


Our non-slip grid material and adjustable velcro straps for enhanced breathability make our Waist Trainer Belts extremely comfortable so we highly recommend wearing yours throughout the day for maximum results.

So, how does it work?


The neoprene in our waist trainers helps optimize heat retention, increase core temperature to make you sweat more in your stomach area.  The spandex belt strap and double velcro straps maximize compression in your waist to help shape your body while giving you back support and easy breathability.


Material: 100% Neoprene (Lining), 100% Polyester (Outer Core)


Waist Trainer Belt for Women and Men

$40.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
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